Pure Artistry

Pure Artistry

Exquisite Transformations

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J’adore Adorn Experience


Be a rebel, be bold, be you. Passionately celebrating the freedom of expression, J’adore Adorn puts your individual style at the heart of our creations. Our visionary designers take their inspiration from your unique journeys and transform their thoughts into stunning collections that showcase your individuality. Designed exclusively in the UK, our pieces are born out of pure artistry, each design produced with flair and ingenuity to challenge technical boundaries and bring you boldly beautiful creations.


From page to product, each headset and iPhone case is skillfully created, transforming artful concepts into our sought after luxury essentials. All of our pieces are handmade by skilled artisans who work closely with our designers to ensure that each creative detail is brought to life with Swarovski’s most brilliant crystals, Xirius. Named after the brightest star in the galaxy, these Swarovski® Elements crystals perfectly capture the essence of each inspirational collection. Richly coloured and intricately cut, each crystal is patiently set by hand into our unique moulds, allowing each one to catch the light, radiantly reflecting its true beauty.


As a company that’s inspired by its customers, we believe in creating only the very best products. From ensuring that each crystal is perfectly aligned to the drop and twist tests we perform on each item, the time and precision involved in the production process means that we release only a handful of items each day. Our rigorous checks and absolute pride in our work leads us to secure our signature plaque as the ultimate seal of approval. This process ensures that we only ever present rare and beautiful pieces that quite literally shine with unrivalled quality.


Beyond the simple transaction, purchasing a piece from J’adore Adorn is a statement in itself. More than just headsets and covers for your phone, our protective iPhone cases and headsets  are little expressions of you so we believe that the ritual of buying them should be as special as the reason you chose them in the first place. Presented in unique, luxury packaging, our pieces are designed to delight before you’ve even opened the box, a reminder of our exceptional customer experience.