All of our luxury products are handmade, with each crystal being set individually by hand. We always aim to produce the finest products but in the unlikely event that a crystal becomes loose or falls off, please contact us and we will either send you replacement crystals so that you can fix the item yourself or you may return your case or headset to us for us to fix for you

1.  Sending replacement crystals to you*

This method means you won’t be parted from your J’adore Adorn item or have to pay to post it to us or for us to then resend your item. With our detailed instructions on how to secure the crystals, you will be able to fix the issue relatively quickly. Replacement crystals can be with you within a week, depending on your location.

Please note that by choosing this service option, you are responsible for the renovation of your product and it is your choice to carry out this work yourself. We offer this service as a quick solution and because we understand that it’s frustrating to have to send items back but we are not liable for any issues that arise from you carrying out work on your item yourself.


2.  Returning your item to us*

In this instance, you don’t need to worry about fixing your J’adore Adorn item yourself, we will do the renovation for you, all you need to do is post your headset or case to us. Please bear in mind that you will need to pay the postage for returning the product to us as well as the postage for us to resend it to you once the renovation is completed. As with any returned item, we recommend that you use a signed‐for courier service that has tracking ability and ensure that the product is securely wrapped and secured in the packaging. 

*We will replace or send a maximum of 1% of Swarovski Elements Crystals for a first time free replacement only. For example, if the product contains a 1,000 crystals, you will be entitled to a replacement of a maximum of 10 Swarovski Elements Crystals.

*Please note that this service will not apply if the damage is caused by improper treatment, abuse, alteration, negligence, misuse or accident. You will need to provide the order confirmation details and or your proof of purchase to take advantage of this service.